Bounty Time!

Bounty Time!

Hey all, GoodShibe here!

4 Score and, uh, 53 days ago, I put forward a bounty calling on Shibes to come together and create a guide that would help to encourage all new-Shibes to get started with their own business.

I asked that the guide would be accessible, easy to use. Something would serve as a living document, that would be free for all Shibes to use and have access to. That we could edit as needed and make sure it would be something that truly benefits the community.

In the end, only /u/Frankenmint answered the call with their:

Dogecoin E-Commerce Business Tutorial

And so, I'm pleased to present to them the 500,000 DOGE bounty.

Hopefully we'll see more excitement and interest from the other endeavors that I know are being prepared by your other fellow Shibes.



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