Canapecoin is a Golden lottery ticket issued on the Waves platform for drawing real cryptocurrency prizes and participating in promotions. The collected funds from the participants will be spent on the construction of a restaurant in St. Petersburg.

Shares in the lottery cryptocurrency from Canapecoin after the construction of the restaurant will not end ! (Only frequent)

The built restaurant will regularly replenish the prize Fund of the bonus token Canapecoin-Bitcoins and Waves and distribute to the participants of the action.

Why Canapecoin is a profitable startup?

– The price of the entrance ticket is scanty (Everyone can afford to buy a Golden ticket )

– Any Internet user can join and participate in a perpetual action from Canapecoin-by purchasing Canapecoin on the DEX exchange or by receiving a cashback coupon when ordering food delivery from our partners

– We have food delivery partners in St. Petersburg ( They will disseminate information about our campaign )

– We have partners who will initially support our project – will monthly replenish the prize Fund Canapecoin

– We have extensive experience in advertising on the Internet – over time, we will take the Top places in the issuance of Yandex and Google ( on the most popular requests for startups and cryptocurrency ).

– Our goal is to raise money for the restaurant and make a popular and win-win cryptocurrency lottery

We have extensive experience in launching successful and popular restaurants in St. Petersburg

– The built restaurant will regularly replenish the prize Fund of the Canapecoin bonus token

– One Canapecoin is a ticket = unlimited promotion and participation in endless draws

– Prizes will be distributed in proportion to the number of wallet holders ! – Win for everyone

– Win-win lottery (each Canapecoin holder will win the Waves cryptocurrency and Bitcoin) – return on investment after the construction of the restaurant

– Over time, Canapecoin will gain popularity and recognition in the cryptocurrency world

Every smart kryptonates will keep Canapecoin Golden ticket in their portfolio and participate in the monthly sweepstakes and vyplata

– The Canapecoin holder takes part in the draws at each stage of our project-including the fundraising stages, we will hold monthly sweepstakes and publish information about them in the section on our website – Promotions

– The draw will be made with the help of an Oracle created on the Waves blockchain-the results cannot be faked

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