Has anyone, in ‘murica, recently, converted DOGE to USD?

Has anyone, in ‘murica, recently, converted DOGE to USD?

So back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and a lowly Shibe could successfully mine DOGE with just a good GPU (and CPUMiner provided some nice extras too), I (with the help of ShibePool and later vPool!) mined 132,000 or so DOGE. Such wow!

I found a backup of my wallet so yay.

Now with things such as they are, I'm not thinking DOGE (or really any cryptocurrency) is all that safe as far as value goes, and my wife and I could use the money so… I'd like to cash out to USD.

I always had ass-u-med that would be super easy.

Yeah, it's not, at least not if you're in the US it seems. None of the DOGE –> Paypal services work from the US.

So before I go through the trouble of going from DOGE to say BTC and then to USD, I want to find out if anyone else, recently, in the US, has cashed out DOGE to USD.

I'd really love to hold onto the DOGE because… Doge… (which is why I latched onto DOGE in the first place)… but like I said, could really use the USD a lot more, and it seems the crypto market is going to die (governments outlawing it, my government threatening to either outlaw or tax it, etc, etc).

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