How will Mcaffee weasel out of his bet?

How will Mcaffee weasel out of his bet?

I would still give Bitcoin maybe a 0.01% chance of hitting $1M by 2020. The real question though is how will Mcaffee weasel out of his bet? What is the most likely scenario?

1) There is a real possibility that a guy who fucks whales and literally eats human shit is crazy enough to eat his own dick. Still, I think the following scenarios are more likely.

2) He blames it on "SEC intervention", "market manipulation" or some bullshit that broke the "rules" of the bet. This is most likely.

3) "Dick" is the name of one of his dogs or something, and he eats the dog like a scumbag.

4) He goes into hiding and we never hear from him again.

5) He dies before 2020.

6) He doubles down and makes the same bet if Bitcoin doesn't hit $2M by 2023. Then dies.

7) He simply ignores that he ever said any of this.

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