Invested $15,000 in crypto …

Invested $15,000 in crypto …

My first purchase was LTC at $300 in dec 2017. Luckily i only bought 2 coins.

So after some research i made my second purchase and got bitcoin cash at $2,000 this seemed like a no brainer . I saw it was $4,000 + so i figured at $2000 it was a bargain. I dropped $5,000…

The rest i spent on neo, icon and elastos. I spent around $8,000 -$9,000 in these projects.

Dollar cost for my icx, neo and elastos are Icx $2.50 Neo $70 ela $25

Im not as bad as the dude who took out the loan but i basically took my life savings in crypto . Fuck it im happy and dont need my coins to go to all time high to get my money back. I been dollar cost averaging and buying the dip…..I did research and if all my coins go to all time high , i would have about $100k investment lol the likely of that happening is uncertain but fuck it, i took a risk and im hopeful. The good thing is i have a regular job so i am not hurting for money or need my coins to moon to pay bills… if it moons sweeet it not , at least i gave this a shot 🙂

Cheers and thanks for listening Much Love <3

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