Lisk Mobile Survey Results Are Here!

Lisk Mobile Survey Results Are Here!
Lisk Mobile Survey Results Are Here!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Lisk Mobile survey. We had 129 responses in total. We will soon have a follow-up survey for Lisk Hub that will allow us to elaborate a little further on some of the more interesting findings of this survey (e.g. user features preferences between desktop application vs. mobile).

High-Level Summary

  1. Who uses Lisk Mobile? 71% investors | 15% delegates |14% developers (129 responses in total)
  2. How often do people use Lisk Mobile?
    1. 50% of respondents use Lisk Mobile 1x per quarter or less
    2. Investors are most likely to use the app regularly (40% of investors use Lisk Mobile daily or weekly).
    3. Examine ways to make Lisk Mobile more relevant to delegates and developers.
  3. Who does community think should be the target audience? 50% of respondents believe developers should be one of the primary audiences for Lisk Mobile.
  4. Which features should have most priority? Buy LSK in app, Multi-coin support, Delegate voting, and Hardware integration
  5. Which features should have least priority? Customization & themes, Localization, and Stablecoins. Insight: community doesn’t see value in stablecoins – find out why before we consider implementing this feature.
  6. Does community see business value adding more features? 73% responded yes. The 27% that responded no would rather have us focus resources on the SDK before doing so.

There are plenty of more insights that we find equally relevant in the following slides. Please share with us what you find surprising and your general feedback in the comments.

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