My side hustles will now only accept DOGE

My side hustles will now only accept DOGE

I consider myself a renaissance shibe. I am a professional programmer, a craftsman in wood, leather, and metal, and a 3D print designer on Thingiverse. I run a few minimally profitable side businesses based upon these things, mostly to break even on my crafting habit.

I have decided that, rather than PayPal, I will now accept DOGE for my online transactions. I will list and quote prices in DOGE only.

Mostly, this is for fun. I do the majority of my side business in person for cash anyway. But from now on, I will do my online portions in DOGE.

I think my first experiment will be to offer customized 3D printed keychains containing your DOGE send address on one side and a silly shibe on the other. I'm thinking of 800 DOGE per trinket or 600 DOGE for a 3D file shibes can print themselves, 1200 for both together.

Wish me luck!

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