Of Wolves and Weasels – Day 781 – A Challenger Approaches!

Of Wolves and Weasels – Day 781 – A Challenger Approaches!

Hey all, GoodShibe here!

So, we've officially had our first — and quite possibly only — entry put forward for the 500,000 DOGE bounty.

/u/Frankenmint has put together "The Dogecoin e-Business Tutorial" to try and help Shibes get up and running with their own businesses.

Here were the original criteria that I posted when I put this bounty forward:

For 500,000 DOGE I'm looking for a detailed guide that – step by step – helps get any Shibe up and running with their own business; The bounty-winning version of this guide will be specifically tailored for Dogecoin users and will include detailed information such as:

  • How to set up an e-shop – buying/setting up a domain, identifying best practices, common templates' strengths/weaknesses of each.

  • How to set up various common payment plug-ins.

  • How to manage inventory/shipping of goods, etc.

  • How to troubleshoot common issues with the site/plug-ins/etc.

  • How do deal with Paypal/chargebacks/customer complaints

  • (Did I miss anything else?)

The guide should be functional and fun in nature (it is for Shibes after all!) We're talking keeping things in layman's terms: click here, fill this out, click that, kind of stuff where possible.

Ideally this will be something that can be easily translated to multiple languages.

For the creation of such a guide, one that will be freely available to all Shibes, I will put up 500,000 DOGE which will be payable upon confirmation that the guide is authentic (not copy-pasted from various parts of the web).

The deadline for this bounty is March 31st, 2016. Hopefully 2 full months will be enough time for someone (or a group of someones) to come along and put this thing together!

Since this guide is being made for you, and being paid for to help make something that will help all Shibes going forward, what I'd like to see most is to have some Shibes try to follow this guide, step by step, and point out if there is any confusion or issues with clarity.

Will this guide stand the test of time?

Does this guide work for you?

This is the time to speak up and make changes as needed!

Thank you very much to /u/Frankenmint, there's some great, fun writing to be had here (though, I agree that it should not be telling people in any way that Dogecoin will make you rich).

Please, please take the time to read it and help us find and fix any clarity or other errors that you can find.


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It's 6:34AM EST and our Global Hashrate is holding strong at ~1480 while our Difficulty is down from ~21215 to ~17679.

As always, I appreciate your support!


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