Of Wolves and Weasels – Day 782 – Updating the Bounty

Of Wolves and Weasels – Day 782 – Updating the Bounty

Hey all, GoodShibe here!

I've got another Shibe Spotlight coming down the pipe in the next day or so and I'm trying to help /u/MMSand organize a trip to The Iron Rail Diner to do some interviews/reviews.

Did you all give him some ideas/advice on what to try and accomplish while he's going to be there?

In these last few weeks, I'd like to hear from you if there's anything you'd like to see covered more. If you're a Shibe business and would like to take part in a Shibe Spotlight, by all means, please get in touch and I'd be glad to try and help you advertise your business.

We've had one submission for the 500,000 DOGE bounty and a couple of people have taken a look at it, commented on it however these comments have not really been constructive.

The point of this exercise is that we work together in order to build something that is useful for the whole community, it's interesting to see that only after one submission was made (and, granted, a request to help and split the bounty was rejected) that there was then this idea that someone else might make something to 'compete' with the original submission.

I'm all for competition and hey, the more people we have creating and making things around here, the better but I'm not a huge fan of the idea that folks stand around and wait to see what gets put forward and THEN, maybe, show interest in taking part.

/u/Frankenmint, whether you agree with the way they put their submission together, did the work on their own and nobody else even remotely said "Hey, I want to take part too."

With the first submission entered, and this series coming to an end before the originally scheduled deadline, I'm going to revise the deadline to 12:00AM EST Friday, March 11th. If there are no more submissions by this date, then /u/Frankenmint collects the bounty and the community can work on perfecting his wording/tone, etc.

The winning guide will remain free for all Shibes and will be considered a living document that can be updated as needed with the changing times/tech of the future.

Finally, I'd like to put the question out there to our long-time readers:

Which oWaWs do you remember most? Which ones do you feel had the most impact? I'd like to spend the last week reminiscing a bit, so if you have any oldies that you think are goodies, please, feel free to link them (or describe them) below.


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It's 8:00AM EST and our Global Hashrate is holding strong at ~1630 while our Difficulty is down from ~17266 to ~18500.

As always, I appreciate your support!


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