Of Wolves and Weasels – Day 797 – Getting, Spending and Tipping your Dogecoins

Of Wolves and Weasels – Day 797 – Getting, Spending and Tipping your Dogecoins

Hey all, GoodShibe here!

For the last couple of days I've been working on building a "Total Beginner's Guide To Dogecoin". The point of this guide is to be as simple as possible for people who would generally not consider themselves "tech savvy". So far we've got the intro and getting your first wallet/basic security, today we're going to talk about getting, spending and tipping coins but is there anything else that needs to be covered?

The Total Beginner's Guide To Dogecoin: Getting, Spending and Tipping your coins

So now you've got an encrypted wallet and your Dogecoin client is all synced up… but where do you get some actual Dogecoins from?

Most will start by visiting Dogecoin Faucets. A faucet is a website that will give you a small amount of Dogecoin every set amount of time often in exchange for watching an ad or two but sometimes, well, just because.

In order to get these coins, you're going to need your Dogecoin Wallet Address from your Dogecoin client. Copy and paste that address from your client into the Dogecoin Address field, fulfill the desired steps (whatever is required of you) and you should receive some Dogecoin – either immediately in your wallet or held in an account for you and distributed once you've hit a certain threshold.

This is one way to get Dogecoin, however it's often the slowest and least efficient.

Another great way to earn Dogecoin is to go out and be an active part of the Dogecoin community. Introduce yourself, take part in discussions, contribute ideas and generally help to make the community more vibrant and you'll definitely start to see some Dogecoins come your way in the form of Tips.

Please note: Tipping is a goodwill gesture made by other Shibes and is not something to be "expected", in general it's reserved for people who go out of their way to make something cool or who take active part in a conversation. Begging or asking for Dogecoins is considered poor form and looked down upon, especially since being welcomed to and taking part in the community is so ridiculously easy.

In order to accept tips in the Dogecoin community, you're going to want to set yourself up with the /r/Dogecoin Dogetipbot and there's a fantastic, well-written guide that explains that process right here.

The best way to get Dogecoin is to become a Merchant or a Service Shibe. By offering items for sale in Dogecoin or by being willing to work for Dogecoin you have the potential to make significantly higher sums. You can use sites like Dogerr.com to offer up your skills and apply for jobs or use sites like MuchMarket.com to help get you up and running fast if you'd like to start selling items for Dogecoin.

We also have a getting started guide for starting your own Dogecoin e-business from scratch, if you're interested in making something that's entirely your own.

In order to spend the Dogecoins that you have earned on Reddit, you're going to want to use the +Withdraw command.

If you have ~250 Dogecoins, here's an example purchase for you to try:

Say you want to buy this cute Papercraft DOGE figurine first you'd go to the site, click on the Add to Cart option. Click on Checkout.

Create an account (all of your purchases are saved there) and click Purchase.

You'll be taken to a payment screen that gives you the option to pay in several different coins, choose 250 DOGE then click Complete Checkout.

You then are taken to a screen that gives you 1 hour to send 250 Dogecoins to a specific address.

To do this from the Dogetipbot you would send a message to user Dogetipbot with the subject Withdraw and the command +Withdraw SELLER ADDRESS # of coins

ie: +Withdraw DBgsZiFT7RaW1qfaY7pFaVTjhYpym4NGAY 250 DOGE

To do the same thing from your Dogecoin QT Wallet, you would choose Send Coins. In the Send Coins field, you would copy and paste the address of DBgsZiFT7RaW1qfaY7pFaVTjhYpym4NGAY and enter the amount of 251 DOGE then click Send Coins. The extra 1 Dogecoin is to pay for the transaction fee, the cost of using the Dogecoin network.

Our Dogetipbot is programmed to pay that fee automatically but, just to note, a 1 DOGE transaction fee is incredibly minuscule as compared to pretty much every other coin.

Once the payment is received you should see that the Awaiting Payment page updates within about 1 minute as the coins are received and you can then return to the seller's page and collect your cute Papercraft DOGE.

If you followed the steps and came out the other side, Congrats! You just made your very first Dogecoin purchase!

Easy stuff, right?

If you've had any sort of issue at all, please take the time to approach the Dogecoin community and ask for help, you'd be surprised how friendly and helpful we can be :D)

In the next section we'll talk more about the Dogecoin Community, the coin's ethos and why Dogecoin is more than just a great place to get started.

So, that's today's section: What do you think? Is there something I should expand upon?

Please let me know in the comments below!

It's 7:44AM EST and our Global Hashrate is holding at ~1680 Gigahashes per second and our Difficulty is up from ~16606 to ~18451.

As always, I appreciate your support!


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