OMG! Such Looming Disaster! Many Shock!

OMG! Such Looming Disaster! Many Shock!

So, Coinbase just scored $100 million in funding eh? And is worth $1.6 Billion. :O

But here's the worrying part:

"Founded in 2012, Coinbase is one of the world's largest digital currency companies. The company is best known for its hybrid Wallet and Exchange service, but has been focusing on becoming a retail and institutional exchange. According to the company, 9.2 million customers have 30.4 million wallets on the platform so far."


9.2 million people who have totally failed to learn from the many, many exchange hacks and failures. Don't they know what wallets ARE? And that you should NEVER leave your money sitting in someone else's possession if you don't have to?

Just imagine if they do a MtGox. Or a Yahoo. Or Target. Or any other compromised service. Moolah, /u/dogetipbot, GAW, etc, etc, etc, seemingly ad infinitum. :(

Just as well us shibes are smarter than the average bitcoin wood-duck, eh? WE know how to manage our funds safely, right?

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