Pure mined ERC20 tokens utilizing EIP 918 now exist and this is huge

Pure mined ERC20 tokens utilizing EIP 918 now exist and this is huge

0xBitcoin is Bitcoin on Ethereum through the means of an ERC20 token. 0xBTC had no premine, has no central authority, and no one controls it. 0xBTC utilizes the mineable token standard (EIP 918). The community is all the token has. There’s no money to pay anyone, there’s no money for advertising, only community raised funds and initiatives. I’m not being paid to post this, I do own 0xBTC, but this is about more than me making a quick buck. This is about true cryptocurrency; currency that puts the power in the hands of the people. Currency not created by any single one person who controls it. 0xBTC is distributed through PoW, just like Bitcoin; however, it doesn’t use SHA256, but rather solidity-SHA3, which is a keccak variant. It was written so that it cannot ever be changed in any way; it is fully autonomous. It’s the first truly mineable token on Ethereum.

It’s 51% attack resistant Bitcoin. It’s programmable Bitcoin. It’s Bitcoin that cannot be mined by ASICs. It’s Bitcoin that scales without any changes. It’s Bitcoin that’s compatible with every smart contract ever made and that will be made. It’s Bitcoin that works with DEX’s seamlessly. It’s Bitcoin that’s supported by any exchange that’s compatible with ERC20 tokens. It’s Bitcoin that works even if it’s never mined again. It’s Bitcoin that works without any tail emissions after 21,000,000 have been mined. It’s Bitcoin on Ethereum. It’s Ethereum’s programmable, digital gold. It’s not claiming to be superior to Bitcoin in any way, it’s just Bitcoin on Ethereum. It’s that simple.

0xBTC’s code: https://etherscan.io/address/0xb6ed7644c69416d67b522e20bc294a9a9b405b31#code

0xBTC’s stats: https://0x1d00ffff.github.io/0xBTC-Stats/?page=stats&#

Want to know more? Read here: https://medium.com/@0xK/the-what-the-why-and-the-how-of-0xbitcoin-5c635fe2df6b

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