/r/CryptoCurrency is a Place for Quality Discussion

/r/CryptoCurrency is a Place for Quality Discussion

Unprecedented Growth

Cryptocurrencies have seen explosive growth over these past few months. Just 6 months ago, the total cryptocurrency market capitalization sat at $93 billion, and the number of /r/CryptoCurrency subscribers sat at 71,000. These have grown by 750% and 615% to $697 billion and 437,000, respectively. /r/CryptoCurrency has been the #1 non-default fastest-growing subreddit for most of January. It's clear the community and interest is growing, and we are excited to see the enthusiasm.

We want to make /r/CryptoCurrency a place for quality discussion for ALL cryptocurrencies. We do not want /r/CryptoCurrency to be dominated by a single project, or to have only low-quality content.

The moderation team has been hard at work providing important community resources and refining the subreddit rules. We would like to speak about our values, what changes we are making, and what you can do to help the mission. Frankly, we owe it to the whole ecosystem to provide a quality discussion board and resources that benefits the entire community.

Moderating a group that is growing so quickly has its challenges. We will make some mistakes along the way, but we want to be as open as possible about our processes and work with all communities.


/r/CryptoCurrency has the following values:

  1. Education. Many people take their first dive into cryptocurrencies on our subreddit. We need to promote high-quality resources for newcomers and long-time contributors alike. The moderators are working with several subreddit teams to create quality, factual documentation for as many cryptocurrencies as possible. If you are interested in contributing towards this project, message the moderators with what coins you are knowledgeable about and what experience you have.

  2. Constructive criticism and skepticism. We highly encourage constructive criticism and skepticism in this subreddit. We want to create a culture where people are constantly asking critical questions about different projects. No coin is perfect (despite what some people will say), so we should remain critical where improvements can be made. Posts balancing cool features with honest disadvantages are much higher-quality than those which only show one side of the story.

  3. Civil discussion. /r/CryptoCurrency is a place that is open to everyone. Posts encouraging discrimination and hate are not allowed and will result in a ban. Please report any of these posts as soon as possible so they are removed.

  4. Collaboration. It's important that this subreddit works with other cryptocurrency subreddits.

  5. Mentorship. Everyone starts off somewhere, and we should politely point these people in the right direction rather than ignore them. We should help these people learn more.


To better meet these values, we are making the following changes to /r/CryptoCurrency:

  1. Maintaining our current rule of a maximum of 2 memes on the frontpage. Of course, this means that most memes will be removed. We will encourage people who want a good laugh to post in /r/CryptoCurrencyMemes, in /r/CryptoHumor, and on Discord. In a month, we will assess if it's best to move all memes off this main subreddit.

  2. Stricter "low-quality" rules. Things like "why x is a top 10 coin", "why x should be worth $100", "why x will go to the moon", "why x will replace the internet", ALL CAPS, and screenshots of portfolios/CoinMarketCap will be considered low-quality and not allowed. Exceptions could be made for high-quality news sources like Bloomberg, BBC, Reuters, etc (most cryptocurrency "news" sites not included). Some low-quality posts that do not meet posting requirements will still be allowed in the daily discussion.

  3. Stronger tools against brigading. We will launch an active campaign to work with other subreddits to mandate non-participation (NP) links. Any posts that are linked elsewhere with the intent of starting a brigading campaign will be removed. Please contact the moderators with any evidence you have against brigading.

  4. Better bots. AutoMod is great in some ways, but it's clear that we need more. These include bots that automatically ban accounts that post referral links and hate speech.

  5. More moderators. /r/CryptoCurrency is recruiting! If you feel you have what it takes, make a thoughtful post in /r/CryptoRecruiting. We have added 10 new moderators (including me!) in the past month.

  6. A weekly skeptics thread. Here's this week's. This thread will be heavily moderated. Make sure to downvote and report shilling and low-quality posts. We want this thread to be filled with quality, thoughtful discussion.

  7. Increasing the post karma requirements. The karma requirement to make new posts will be increasing. Most shilling comes from accounts with very little karma.

  8. Banning karma begging. We do not want to see karma begging anywhere. This has been a persistent issue in the daily discussion. Instead of begging, post quality content that deserves upvotes.

  9. Sorting some threads by controversial. This is a powerful tool that helps reduce the effect of brigading. It is often preferable to having a post completely removed. We have tested this on some posts and are still assessing if it's an improvement.

  10. Megathreads. The moderation team will create more megathreads for important events to reduce clutter and organize the conversation.

What You Can Do

  1. Think twice before posting. Are you seriously posting quality content with the best title? Does your post seriously add to discussion? Does the post meet all the subreddit rules?

  2. Use the "report" button. It's the best way we can spot any issues we miss.

  3. Follow rule X – communicate with the mod team. If you disagree with something, try contacting us first. We have resolved many issues from disgruntled redditors, and it's easiest if you start calm instead of grabbing your pitchforks.

  4. Help us write documentation! If you like a coin, why not create meaningful documentation that thousands of people will view? Quality standards apply, but we offer wide autonomy on several projects. Message the mods for more.

That's it for now. Let's make /r/CryptoCurrency a great place for everyone.

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