Reporting Bad Ads

Reporting Bad Ads

Hey fellow shibes!

I have recently started seeing multiple bad ads on the top of r/dogecoin. Spammy ads, for example links to pump and dump servers, places where you supposedly double your money in a single day, etc. This is what we define as spam. It's unwanted because newcomers could fall for them, and get scammed. Therefore, i ask all of you to report a bad ad whenever you see one. If you are not sure if an ad is bad for our community, please send a modmail first, and it will be reviewed. If however, you see one and are positive it's bad, please do not hesitate to hit the report button. How Reddit works, is that when multiple people report the same thing, it gets more attention. Therefore, you could be of big help getting these ads out of here. This defines what the report button does, and what will happen when you press it in a bit more detail.

If you want to be extra helpful, you can also email reddit the ad via email on This will give extra attention. Let's all report bad ads, and combat the scams!

Thanks, FocusFon0.

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