The Big Big Giveaway/competition/whatever

The Big Big Giveaway/competition/whatever

So apparently the previous post I made was against the rules because I used the wrong flair or some bullshit like that. (Using mobile… pretty sure I can't change flairs?). This was so offensive to a few individuals, it caused so much distress, so much agony to a select few people who decided to report and close it (Fuck you, by the way).

I was trying to create a bit of fun spreading the message, trying to get more people out there, involved with dogecoin, or even just help a few more people to gain knowledge about the coin. Both of which I believe would help (even if only a little) dogecoin as a whole.

So let's have a dull, boring giveaway worth fuck all to the community.

Whoever posts first wins 400 dogecoin.

Stick your flairs up your ass sideways.

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